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Eurovision 2009

What do you think of Romania's submission for Eurovision this year?


New Word Wednesday!

iacă: (ya-cah)
1. interj. I say! or Look here! Iacă ce s-a întâmplat!

gâză: (gâ-zah)
1. noun. The generic name for any small flying insect. Tată! Vino să omori o gâză!

*Next Wednesday I will be in Rome, so if anyone wants to do New Word Wednesday for me, go right on ahead.*


New Word Wednesday!

obligaţie: (ohb-lee-gah-tz-ee-eh)
1. noun. obligation, duty. Am facut-o din obligaţie.

slugarnic: (slew-gahr-neek)
1. adj. obsequious, slimy, subservient. De ce eşti atît de slugarnic?


Jun. 29th, 2008

The Euro 2008 Final is ending as I write this. Did anyone watch the final or the other matches?

How do you think Romania did? I think that they did pretty well, and I don't blame Mutu for missing that shot that would have eventually allowed Romania into the quarter finals. Mutu, in my opinion, was the only one holding up the Romanian team. I also think that Lobonţ did a good job, but maybe I only think that because he plays for FC Dinamo. ; )
I know that I haven't been posting anything in the past month or so, but the community wasn't very interactive for me so I got bored.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas about how to make this community more interesting? Should I continue the vocab days?

New Word Wednesday!

ciudat: (choo-daht)
1. adj. odd, strange, weird, different. El este ciudat.
2. adv. oddly, strangely, weirdly, etc. El s-a uitat la mine cam ciudat.

impune: (ee-m-poo-neh)
1. verb. to impose.
2. verb. to require.
Mi-a impuse să fac asta.

*I will be on vacation next week. Does anyone want to do New Word Wednesday! for me on the 16th?*


New Word Wednesday!

bec: (beck)
1. noun. Light bulb.

berbec: (bare-beck)
1. noun. Ram.
2. noun. [Astrology] Aries.

Arieş: (ah-ree-esh)
1. noun. A river in Transylvania, Romania.


New Word Sunday!

Here are some Christmas related words:

Crăciun: (crah-choon)
1. noun. Christmas.

pom de Crăciun: (pome deh crah-choon)
1. noun. Christmas tree. Ai un pom de Crăciun?

cadou: (cah-doe)
1. noun. present. Ce cadouri aţi primit?

Moş Crăciun: (moe-sh crah-choon)
1. noun. Santa Claus.

Moş Nicolae: (moe-sh nick-oo-lie-eh)
1. noun. Saint Nicholas. Moş Nicolae a venit!
[In Romania, Moş Nicolae comes on the 6th of December, and leaves little presents in the shoes of good children. Moş Crăciun and Moş Nicolae are not the same person.]

colinde: (coh-leen-deh)
1. noun. Chistmas carols.


New Word Wednesday!

sfoară: (sph-oh-ahr-uh)
1. noun. string. Ai o bucată de sfoară?

cascador: (cahs-cah-dohr)
1. noun. stuntman. El este cascador.